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que se passe t-il dans la troisième?? il se prépare pour un autre type de boxe pour le gagnant??


LOLs....I thought the guy on the first pic was wearing a mask... :D


OMG! He's wearing a skirt! And a bra(?)LOL

Last photo, WTH???? You are so funny Sidney.:D

Major Tom

They are an interesting lot, and animated subjects too for a photo shoot...lively and zestful.. :-)


sexy boxers hehe .. but boy, they can punch :)

luna miranda

the last photo cracks me up! naughty! LOL


Pas toujours élégant mais très viril quelquefois !

dodong flores

One down, one won!


Another very interesting action series. I like the one with the significant blur too. Nice variety.


whoa! what happened on the scene of the last photo? =)
...have a great days ahead!


a most amusing series
you should make an exhibition of it


cool ! thanks for sharing


Amazing images Sidney. I love the way you captured the action through your own eyes.

Boxing has never made much sense to me but I do appreciate the gumption it takes to enter that ring. (My father was a boxer) gay or straight, the punches still hurt and cauliflower ears have no preference.

Thanks for sharing...


I've never seen a gay boxing match before, so this is totally new to me Sidney! The monochrome idea is great!

The last frame - does the winner get a blow job?


Es -tu dans las cordes ? Certaines photos le font penser ! Bonne journée


De belles actions de combat dans la bonne humeur! C'est rare.


it does look like a lot of fun.. all smiles and lots of action.. :) very nice shots.. :)

Charles Dastodd

heh, the one in the skirt looks like has an attitude! :D

Otto K.

I love the feeling of movement in the third image. And do wonder what's going on in the last one. :)


Pas mal avec sa jupette un des boxeurs


Another realism trip through images! Great Sidney! I hope you had time to take in all the excitement..or were your snapping away the whole night.......and for the record. I never heard of it either.

RennyBA's Terella

Don't like that sport, but must admit; this looks a bit sexy ;-)

Happy Weekend Sidney!

fortuitous faery

uh oh, what's he doing DOWN THERE?! :P


these baklas sure know how to handle each other in the ring!

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